E. J. Frost is a writer of speculative fiction, set both in the near and distant future. Out now:

e j frost

Upcoming releases

Throwing Fire
(The sequel to Snowburn, coming 2018)

Survival has always been Hale Hauser’s sole goal. Engineered and trained as a living weapon, Hale has survived insurrections on a dozen worlds as well as the inescapable prison, Tol Seng.

But as new Chief of Security for Tyng Enterprises, Hale has more than his own survival to worry about.

Tyng’s sprawling drug empire is tottering, and while Hale and his lover Kez struggle to control the business, rivals old and new unite against them.

When Kez’s own family betrays her, Hale must call on more than just his skills to protect her. He will need to unleash the monster again, if either of them is to survive.

Blood Yellow
(Second in the Neon Blue trilogy, coming 2018)

A shape-shifter’s been murdered by the Charles. The shifters claim it was the vampires, and the vampires claim they’re innocent. Now they’re all looking to urban witch Tsara Faa to find the real killer.

Trouble is, the real killer may already be looking for her. And the demon who could protect her, is the demon she just banished back to Hell.